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Thieves Are Inconsiderate

Last Friday, I packed my bags and loaded up my van with dirty laundry to begin the trek home for Thanksgiving break. Little did I know I’d be back in less than 24 hours.

I live in one of the eight on campus apartments, which is technically off-campus but supposedly beholden to the same rules–and security –as the dorms. Now, my roommates and I locked our doors and windows, turned off the lights and all the other rigamarole that we’re supposed to do when vacating for breaks. And security is supposed to patrol and keep our residences safe when we are not there. Sure, they never really showed up the past semester, but I just figured it was because we were there, and they had things to do along the lines of busting drinkers on our oh-so-“dry” campus. But maybe they weren’t real big on patrolling the on campus apartments after all, because Saturday morning I got one of those lovely calls from Carthage that always means something’s wrong, because really unless I owe them money, they’re not keen to talk to me otherwise. Sure enough, I was informed that someone had kicked in my back door and presumably robbed my apartment, and could I please come back and see what’s missing?

Oh, goody.

So, of course, mom doesn’t want me going up to my apartment alone now, certain the thieves are lying in wait for me under my bed, (tricky thing, that, since my bed is a mattress on the floor) so we make a family outing of it, trekking back up to friggin’ Kenosha on my supposed first day off.

And of course, they did steal things from my apartment, as people who break into apartments have been known to do. I found my apartment a mess–no, not all the robbers’ faults but they certainly did not tidy up amidst their pilfering– and minus my tv, my dvd player, all my dvds, all of one of my roommate’s dvds, some of my jewelry, and a drawer from my jewelry box.

Now, I was pretty mellow throughout this whole thing until I realized they had taken the damn drawer. That really got my knickers in the proverbial knot. I mean COME ON. Sure, you’re thieves, you’re stealing whatever you think you can fence for a decent price and those bracelets my godmom gave me look like they are actually worth something, so sure, I expect those to go *poof* but the fucking DRAWER? Really? I mean if you are gonna make me buy a new jewelry box, take the damn box, but is the drawer worth anything? No. Is it at all useful to you? No. Have you already royally pissed me off by breaking into my apartment and stealing stuff that a college student, particularly this college student, cannot afford to replace? Why, yes, yes you have, you twat. But as you are robbing me blinder than the Illinois taxpayers, I expect you to take what you think you need to sell in order to get by, or what not. But the tiniest shred of decency, courtesy, or some kind of consideration wouldn’t fucking kill you!

My brother spent far more than he should have giving me that jewelry box last Christmas–it’s called GENEROSITY you pilfering bastards–and you have now wrecked that by taking ONE FREAKING DRAWER. I can’t claim the box, I can’t replace the drawer, and what MIGHT just interest you is now, every time I see the gaping hole where the drawer should be, I’m going to get angry. Again. At you. And I am going to become more determined to FIND you. The police shall not hear the end of me until I find you. It’s not about the stuff anymore. I’m hard up, but I’ll survive. It’s about the fact that you lack ANY of the respect that is necessary for me to show you anything of the same.

For instance, you took the whole DVD tower that was housing mine and my roommate’s movies, and chucked it in the dumpster out back after you had taken its contents. Were it not for security finding said DVD tower and returning it to me, that piece of furniture would not have been returned to me and once again, I am too broke to replace it. Obviously, I could just steal one from someone else, but I happen to be a decent human being. Asshole. Again, I was over the fact that you stole from me, but the unnecessary waste and loss of things that are mine are kinda making it hard to forgive and forget.

Okay, I’m done ranting at a person who will probably never read this. Of course, my parents and the security guard who were there whilst I inspected my apartment have heard all this, and were amused at my use of the term “inconsiderate thieves.” They seem to think that thieves are by nature inconsiderate, which is true. But I think some take it further than others.

I don’t like inconsiderate people. At all.

The icing on the cake is hearing all damn week, and throughout Thanksgiving with the family, “Oh, thank heavens none of you were there!” HELL. NO. Had I been there, I’d still have my stuff and there’d be some sorry-ass wannabe robbers sitting in jail. I sleep with a knife under my pillow, I have thought about exactly I’d do should someone break into my apartment (it’s to small to afford me any escape) so you know what buddy? Bring it. Home field advantage. There’s also the fact that they probably wouldn’t have broken in were it not obvious everyone was gone on break.

But I wasn’t there, and my stuff is gone, and no one has been arrested, and I have yet to find out whether or not the school will cover the cost of my losses. I mean, I get security in exchange for complying with on campus rules and those hefty tuition payments. Since security kinda failed us there (No one even knew the apartments had been broken into until some 12 hours after the fact) I guess that means I get to booze it up and burn my incense after all. But really, I don’t need this shit right now. Finals, Christmas fest and papers up the wazoo are what I have to look forward to the next three weeks. So I am no longer mellow. Oh, and if the person responsible is by some miracle reading this blog?

I want my fucking drawer back.