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So, If you’re one of the say, seven people, who regularly read my blog, you’ve no doubt read my take on the fire-and-brimstone/ gospel-type preachers and religious folk in general. Now, What I said was true–in part. But I chose my words poorly. Very poorly. A sort of cardinal sin for someone calling themselves a writer, and an even worse one for someone lucky enough to be a friend.
To be absolutely clear: Yes, I’ve been told by SOME religious folk, maybe even many, that I am going to hell or that they’ll pray for me. Yes, I have been treated with condescension and worry. However, it is not invariably. I have a wonderful roommate who is a devout Christian and ha never once asked me to share her beliefs or had a problem with my far different ones. She doesn’t bat an eye at my books on paganism, or my crazy tangents on Paradise Lost. And there are others like her. So to those like my roommate, who I may have offended, I am truly sorry. I didn’t think.
And something else where I wasn’t clear: that pastor I talked about? The charismatic MC? My sarcastic tone and joking manner, not to mention complete irreverence for basically anything may have obscured this but my point was not that he is a manipulator. On the contrary, he has done great things. My point was that MY reaction to that sort of sermon is suspicion and what exactly does that say about me? That I’ve taken cynicism too far? I’m not sure. But the last thing I meant to imply was that this man was anything less than the devout leader and family man that he presented himself to be.
Again, for my blatant disregard for the tolerant and my lack of clarity, I cannot apologize enough. But this is my start.