Why Introverts Don’t Sell

I’ve recently become a spectator in the world of publishing and self-promoting due to my dad’s (hereby being referred to as the Faja) entrance into the world of crime fiction writing. From my comfy seat on the sidelines, I’ve learned a crucial and somewhat depressing fact: Introverts don’t sell.

I’ll explain. (Duh, it’s a blog, of course I’m going to wax poetic about my own ideas) Our lovely new cyber-innudated universe makes networking a whole new ballgame. Back in the proverbial day, when I was no more than an infant mewling and puking in the nurse’s–or Faja’s–arms, networking meant being nice and rubbing elbows with them people within your circle, be that a social circle or one at the office. Now we must go out of our way to “meet” and “friend” people we didn’t know existed until they popped up in a tweet. It seems a rather artificial means of fostering a relationship with someone, requesting to be their friend with a strange sort of resume based on name, relationship status, and mutual friends as the acceptance litmus test, but it is apparently the norm for those busy little networkers out there. Screw what your high school internet safety assemblies taught you! Friend the creepy 80 year old with some ins in the music business! He’ll make you a star! Just perhaps not the kind your mother will like.

All jokes aside, it is not enough anymore to simply make the grade with people you meet, passively accepting bonds that come naturally, no. Now you must find out who’s who in your field of choice, go out and stalk them on Facebook, follow them on twitter. I’m an old-fashioned bookworm. I don’t make it a point to be the social butterfly, or to meet people. I let them come to me. No more! I must relentlessly stalk those Twitterbugs, and friend the creepy old men on Facebook. Of course, lots of people enjoy these cyber-friendships. The Faja has been making all sorts of new friends amongst the writer-types on twitter. I’ve recently met some lovely people through him due to his constant twittering. Rather sad that he’s more technologically up to date than me, then again I’m a bit of a hippie. But I digress.

Today, one needs to foster relationships not only with the people in your geographical circle, but with those business associates halfway across the country. Going into writing? Start following your fellow writers and going to writing conferences that double as drinking benders. Smarm it up, wallflowers, this is no world for the passive-aggressive! Time to find your Yoda (little shout out to a few people who know who they are) and tweet the hell out of them. You’ll sink into cyber anonymity otherwise, and nobody listens to a nobody.


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