Theme weeks: The Experiment

So, as the title states, I’ve decided to try weekly themes. To be precise, MWF themes. Any posts I do the rest of the week could be on anything. But, this week, circumstances dictate I try a theme on Goodness. The extended theme thing is for subjects that beg further discussion than one post can provide. Goodness, and all it entails, is one of those.

Today, I went on a little adventure. A case of cabin fever sent me in search of something fun. I got on the tollway with the vague idea of wandering around Naperville, check out the bead store, feed some ducks. Now, I have a talent–dare I say a gift?–for coming to a crossroad, seeing the right way to go, and turning in the exact opposite direction. Couple this with my stubborn refusal to admit that I’ve gone the wrong way, and you get days like today. I ended up in a town called Glen Ellyn, which is 20 minutes away from the previously mentioned crossroad. Not the worst detour I’ve taken, but confusing enough. At a red light in Glen Ellyn, I rolled down the window and asked the guy in a moving truck in the next lane which way was Naperville. He said he was headed there, and just to follow him. Not only did this man offer his help, after he lost me at a yellow light, I got through the intersection to find he had pulled over to wait until I caught up. What a pal! When it came time to part ways, I waved good-bye and continued on my way. This man owed me nothing, and judging from the truck, he had better things to do than shepherd some chick blasting Warren Zevon from her dented minivan. So, Moving Van Guy, here’s to you.

A few months ago, I met another good samaritan on a train. I had gotten on board with zero cash and the idea that I had one more punch on my ten ride. I didn’t. The conductor could have thrown me off at the next stop, but instead he paid for my ticket and told me to pay it forward. Yeah, it’s an old song, but it’s a good one. These things don’t go unnoticed. They aren’t pointless. They’re priceless.

Anyone else have a story to share?


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  1. I cannot believe this is true!


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